Curious Weasel : Dynamic Creative Solutions.

Curious Weasel is a small creative design agency based in Wiltshire, UK and started by founder Tim Forster. Established in early 2007, it's focus and mission is to deliver clients creative solutions to everyday business communication needs. Our staff are always available to help you with new or existing projects.
Curious Weasel offers solutions in website design, databases, Flash Programming and consultation.

We specialise in Data Driven and Dynamic HTML5 sites, award winning website design and together with SEO lead programming, we can deliver the website which you want using the technology which you need.


Web design
We have a number of talented designers who will liaise with you all the way through the design process.

Domain name registration
We can register your domain name for you. There are no hidden costs - it is free to transfer domains away from us should the need arise.
All domain names are registered for a period of two years. Please contact us for further details and pricing.

From simple PayPal e-commerce sites through to fully fledged credit card processing sites. Contact us for further information.

The 'new kid on the block'. With the ever increasing use of mobile devices (phones, iPads, Android tablets etc.), HTML5 ensures that your audience gets the same experience as traditional web based users. With stunning effects, all your content can be seen on all devices !
Please contact us for a demonstration.

Flash design and scripting
Dynamic Flash sites are the best way to 'wow' your audience. Not applicable to every site, but if you have something to say, then shout it out load and with style.

Content management
Fed up with contacting your web designer to add a news article or correct some type on the page ? Why not do it yourself with a content managed site using a web enabled administration page. Update your site as often as you want, wherever you are. All you need is an internet connection and a web browser.

Server side scripting (PHP, ASP)
Server side scripting makes your website dynamic. Amongst other things, it can enable you to track the progress of a visitor to your site, see which pages are the most often requested (and those which are not!). Collect server based statistics on how well your site is performing, use your site to gain an insight as to how well your web campaigns are running instantly !

Database solutions
MySQL is an open source Relational Database Management System that uses Structured Query Language. Information is stored in "Tables" which can be thought of as the equivalent of Excel spreadsheets. A single MySQL database can contain many tables at once and store many thousands of individual records. It's fast, reliable and flexible.

To have a dynamic data driven / content managed website, MySQL is the database solution which the majority of web application developers utilise due to its' flexibility and stability.

Communication is one aspect we regard as one of the most important. We keep clients informed as to the progress of their site/projects and provide a 'demo / in progress' site so that you can see, in real time, the progress being made. This is linked into an online feedback system which fully tracks all requests and responses for total transparency of working. To request a demonstration of this feature, please contact and put 'EdoceoMustela' in the email title, and we will create a test account for you. This will keep you informed at every stage of the process, archiving your feedback and providing you with a 'test bed' so that you can tweek the design and functionality of your project before it finally goes live.

If it's a simple web presence site or a fully content managed e-commerce site, you can rely on us to give you exactly what you want and more importantly , need ! .