Curious Weasel : Errata.

8th May 2008.
Today I found two outstanding movies whilst trawling the interweb. The first of which comes from Sony, and yes, it is a beautifully shot video. This ground-breaking TV advertising campaign created a unique landscape called Foam City. 460 million litres of foam were unleashed on Miami, transforming the streets into a photographer’s paradise. The 'behind the scenes' video is definitely worth watching too.

Most of us have gotten used to the idea of there being four dimensions: but how can we possibly imagine the tenth?
The 'Imagining the Tenth Dimension' video is a little more thought provoking. This is not designed to be the way the dimension actually exists, if they do at all, it is simply a way of thinking about how they might work. This project starts from the unique argument that time really is just one of the directions in the fourth spatial dimension, and our spacetime universe is being created as we twist and turn in the available branches of the fifth dimension. This "new way of thinking about time and space" is not the traditional position of mainstream science: still, many people around the world feel this new idea has resonances with their own ways of understanding reality. Please visit this amazing site, it's well worth a visit.

30th April 2008.
I thought I needed a page for my personal random stuff I come across on the InterWeb that I really like, so I figured I may as well start off with this. I stumbled across a really bad version of it on UTube, but with a little investigation I managed to find the original version, which I have reconfigured and put on here. It is the new(ish) Scweppes advert, which, in my opinion, straddles the border between advertising and art, much as the Sony Bravia 'Bouncing Balls' advert. The music to this advert is by 'The Cinematic Orchestra' which is taken from their album 'Ma Fleur' and is called 'To Build a Home'. Anyway, enough of the babble, here is the ad ...